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Important: Before Booking You Cortisone Injection

Only proceed with online booking if you can answer yes to all of the statements below. If you are unsure if a cortisone injection is appropriate and wish to discuss with one of our specialists, please email or call 03456 252252 during office hours.

1. The condition for which I am booking a cortisone injection is included in the following:

- Acromioclavicular Joint (AC Joint)
- Sternoclavicular Joint (SC Joint)
- Frozen Shoulder or Shoulder Tendonitis / Bursitis
- Tennis and/or Golfer's Elbow
- Elbow, Wrist, Thumb, Finger, Ankle, Toe or Knee Joints
- Humeroradial Joint (small joint in elbow)
- Carpal Tunnel
- De Quervain's (Thumb tendonitis),
- Trigger Finger / Thumb
- Hip tendonitis, Hip Bursitis / Trochanteric Bursitis or Hip Adductor Tendon
- Superficial hip flexor tendons (sartorius / Rectus Femoris),
- Proximal Hamstring Tendon (in lower buttock region),
- Iliotibial Band Bursa (outside of knee),
- Plantarfascia (pain under heel)
- Painful Bunions
- Morton's Neuroma

Cortisone Injections are not provided by IPS for:

- Hip Joints
- Spine
- Sacroiliac Joints
- Achilles Tendon Injections

2. A cortisone injection has been recommended by a medical professional or I have had a cortisone injection to the same location previously.

3. I have not had / am not planning to have a Covid Vaccination within 2 weeks of proposed appointment date.

4. I have had less than 3 cortisone injections in the same location in the past 12 months.

5. If I am pregnant or breast feeding, I have spoken to my GP regarding having a cortisone injection.

6. I do not have any medical conditions and am not taking any medications I believe would prevent me from having a cortisone injection.

7. I have never had an adverse reaction to cortisone or local anaesthetic injection.

8. I have tried conservative treatment options including relative rest, standard physiotherapy treatment, exercises, medication prior to considering a cortisone injection.

9. I accept that a cortisone injection will lower my immune system for a few weeks and do not feel that this poses me a significant health risk.

10. I have read iPS' "Cortisone - Patient Information"

Cortisone - Patient Information

Please click the following link to confirm you have read and understood all of the above information on cortisone injections & you wish to proceed with booking an appointment.

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