Covid-Fit Exercise Class

The IPS team are passionate about playing their part in helping the most vulnerable members of society during the current global pandemic.

We are offering free live-streamed exercise classes, to rehabilitate anyone who has been infected with the Corona virus, as well as to help older individuals maintain their physical and mental wellbeing, during social isolation.

How does our Covid-Fit Exercise Class work?

Our highly experienced team of physiotherapists have carefully designed our Covid-fit exercise classes. They guide class attendees through a range of exercises to improve fitness, strength, flexibility and mobility, in a safe and enjoyable environment. As well as improving physical fitness, being part of our Covid-Fit community gives individuals access to a friendly support network. Our classes are live-streamed through Zoom Meeting software, which allows individuals to interact with each other as well as our physiotherapists.

In order to cater for as many people as possible, we offer 2 different levels of exercise:

1) chair-based and supported standing exercises.
2) free-standing exercises.

Our team will discuss the appropriate class for you, during our screening / induction process. If you are interested in joining one of our classes, please complete the enquiry form by clicking on the link below.

The only essential requirements for joining one of our classes is a device to connect to the internet (preferably laptop or tablet) and internet access. One of our team will explain the simple steps of gaining access to our classes via Zoom, when we contact you following receiving your enquiry form. You do not need any specialist exercise equipment to participate in our classes.

If you feel you require more individualised treatment, we are able to offer a specialist one-to-one treatment. Please enquire about this by completing the same enquiry form or by calling our offices on 03456 252 252.

Ready To Make An Appointment?

Please contact us for more information or to book an appointment at any one of our Physiotherapy clinics.

Do You Have Any Questions?

Our admin hours are 08:30 to 17:00. Outside of these hours you can send us a message or request a callback.

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