Catastrophic Injury Rehabilitation

We work closely with personal injury solicitors, insurance companies and case managers to provide bespoke rehabilitation to individuals following life-changing injuries.

Our specialist Musculoskeletal / Orthopaedic, Neurological and Paediatric Physiotherapists are experts in assessing patients with multiple injuries / complex needs, providing professional reports and then implementing the appropriate rehabilitation programmes.

Catastrophic Injury Rehabilitation
Catastrophic Injury Rehabilitation

We work closely with individuals to help them achieve the best possible recovery. During the early stages of rehabilitation, most of the rehabilitation will take place in our specialist rehabilitation clinics, swimming pools and gyms so that we can use our specialist hi-tech equipment, to help the individual regain basic strength and function.

Gareth Tremain - Catastrophic Injury


Gareth Tremain

As well as having excellent hands-on treatment skills, Gareth has expert knowledge of strength and conditioning which he utilises to maximise the recovery of his patients. He attends regular courses and conferences with world renowned physiotherapists to ensure he is using the most up-to-date evidence-based practice.

As soon as we possibly can, we progress the rehabilitation to the environments which fits in with the goals and aspirations of the individual. This ethos takes us to a wide variety of locations, and we observe time and time again, how this improves the individuals psychological well-being as well as their physical function.

Catastrophic Injury Rehabilitation
Catastrophic Injury Rehabilitation

The above photos were taken following a sea swim at Porthcawl. The 2 individuals being treated (on the right in the 1st image) were severely injured as a result of being knocked off bicycles by cars. Prior to their accident, they were keen triathletes, so they were highly motivated to get in the open water. The treating physiotherapists are our most experienced physiotherapists. The patients not only benefitted from the treatment session and being reintroduced to the environment, but also, as you can see from the photo, everyone enjoyed the session.

Catastrophic Injury Rehabilitation
Catastrophic Injury Rehabilitation

The above photos were taken during a group rehab session on the 'Big Dipper' at Merthyr Mawr (the 2nd largest sand dune in Europe). It is a gruelling climb, but the view from the top is well worth the effort. The sense of achievement for individuals who have managed to make it to the top is huge. It's a lot easier on the way back down!

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