ITB Friction Syndrome

What is ITB Friction Syndrome?

'ITB Friction Syndrome' - pain in the outside of the knee or over the bony part of the outside of the hip'. This condition is extremely common in runners. It can be persistent and very debilitating. There are numerous causes of this pain and irritation of the bursae at knee and or hip. They include rapid increase in training volume, muscle imbalance, poor footwear, change in running terrain etc. Our physiotherapists will perform a thorough examination, discuss the probable cause and what can be done to ease the pain quickly and also limit the chance of it returning.

Treatment may include advice on an appropriate training programme, footwear, deep tissue massage, trigger point release massage, ultrasound, advice on self release and stretching. Treatment may also include a cortisone injection. A cortisone injection is likely to provide significant and immediate relief of the symptoms, which can be invaluable if you have an event in the near future and are unable to rest for a few weeks to allow the inflammation to settle. If you are considering having a cortisone injection, please advise when you book your appointment so we can ensure you see one of our physiotherapists who is qualified to perform injections.

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