Thoracic Spine Pain

What is Thoracic Spine Pain?

The thoracic spine is the medical term for the upper and mid back. It joins the cervical spine at the base of the neck, and extends down past the shoulder blades and connects with the lumbar spine. The thoracic spine is made up of 12 vertebrae and is built for stability.

The thoracic spine is an intricate construction of bones, nerves, connective tissue, muscles, spinal segments and joints. Any of these structures can be a source of pain. Upper/mid back muscular pain is a common repetitive strain Injury (RSI). The cause is often poor posture and long periods of time working at a computer. Joint dysfunction or pain caused by a joint problem where the ribs attach to the spine at each level of the thoracic spine can also cause pain. Again this may be aggravated by poor posture and inactivity. Less common causes of pain include disc herniation or degeneration and vertebral fractures. Arthritis is another common cause of mid back pain Conditions such as kyphosis or scoliosis are other causes of upper back pain.

A number of physiotherapy treatments will significantly ease mid back pain. Treatment at our clinics will commonly include heat, interferential therapy, massage, manipulation and exercise advice. We often combine acupuncture with these treatments to increase the speed of recovery.

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