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Muscle Strains/Tears

What Are Muscle Strains/Tears?

A muscle strain or tear indicates an injury to a muscle. This is often accompanied by pain, swelling weakness and muscle tightness. The most commonly injured muscles are the high speed and load muscles such as the hamstrings, quadriceps, calf, back and biceps muscles. Muscle tears can range from a mild strain where only a few fibres have been injured (grade 1), a moderate strain, where a larger number of fibres have been injured (grade 2), to a severe strain or complete rupture (grade 3). Treatment options vary depending on the severity of the strain or tear.

Our physiotherapists will offer a variety of treatment techniques and expert advice to help the muscle recover as fast as possible. The treatments for injured muscles include: massage, electrotherapy (ultrasound / interferential therapy), acupuncture and advice on the most appropriate stretching and strengthening exercises.


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