Neck Pain

What is Neck Pain?

Most episodes of neck pain are due to a muscle strain or other soft tissue sprain (ligaments/tendons). This type of injury can also be caused by a sudden force such as a whiplash injury. Other causes of neck pain can include cervical degenerative disc disease, herniated or prolapsed disc and arthritis. Chronic or recurrent neck pain can be severely debilitating and can also be accompanied by upper back pain, shoulder blade pain and headaches. These symptoms along with tight neck muscles and stiff joints, can make even the simplest daily activities painful.

The majority of neck pain will significantly improve with physiotherapy and acupuncture. This will enable a return to normal activity and function and prevent future recurrences. We have a wide variety of physiotherapy treatment options available at all of our clinics. Our physiotherapists will perform a thorough assessment and offer you an individually tailored treatment programme.

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