Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)

What is Repititive Strain Injury (RSI)?

Anyone whose job or hobby involves repetitive movements is at risk of RSI. This risk is increased by spending long periods without a break, sitting on an uncomfortable seat, at a poorly arranged workstation.

Symptoms of RSI may take months, even years, to appear. Initially, only a slight ache may be felt. As the problem gets worse, there's more marked pain while performing the repeated activity - when typing, for example. Once the problem has become severe, pain may be felt most of the time, even with the slightest movement. One or both upper limbs may be affected, depending on which is used to perform the activity responsible for the problem. As well as the pain, numbness and tingling may make holding objects difficult.

Once a person has a well-established RSI it can be very difficult to break the pain cycle. Physiotherapy is essential to break the cycle. Our physiotherapists are very experienced at treating patients with RSI. Treatment may include passive treatments (performed by the physiotherapist) such as a cortisone injection, acupuncture, massage, mobilisation / manipulation, electrotherapy and exercise and ergonomic (workstation set up, seating etc) advice. All of this combined can lead to a full recovery of what had become an intolerable and often potentially career-ending condition

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