Shoulder Tendonitis

What is Shoulder Tendonitis?

Shoulder tendonitis is a term used to describe pain and disability associated with inflammation of tendons in the shoulder joint. Shoulder bursitis is a term used to describe pain and disability associated with inflammation and swelling of a protective sack of fluid (bursa) found in the shoulder joint. The two conditions often occur in combination. They are often the result of repeated activity above shoulder height or lifting objects with that arm. They can occur following one episode of overuse or can gradually worsen over time. They can cause chronic pain and disability despite a combination of rest, pain killers and anti-inflammatory medication.

Standard physiotherapy treatments such as massage, ultrasound, interferential therapy, joint mobilisation and graded exercise are often successful in resolving the pain and pain-free range of movement. If a combination of standard physiotherapy, rest, and medication are unsuccessful in easing pain, the next appropriate step is to try a cortisone injection. Cortisone injections are very successful in resolving the pain and disability associated with these conditions. The pain relief provided by the cortisone injection often provides a window of opportunity for the patient to stretch and strengthen the muscles around the shoulder to reduce the chance of the symptoms returning at a later date?

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