Sports Injuries

We treat many recreational and elite athletes with a variety of sports injuries in our clinics.

We have a number of highly experienced physiotherapists who specialise in Sports Injury rehabilitation and have completed degrees in Sport & Exercise Science, as well as their physiotherapy degrees. The majority of our physiotherapists have worked with adults in professional sports teams and children / adolescents in elite academies. These physiotherapists have also participated in elite sport and suffered serious injuries themselves, so they are able to empathise and help with the psychological aspects as well as physical distress that follows injury.

Sports Injury Specialists

We not only aim to get our patients back to their sport as soon as possible, we also provide them with the knowledge and advice which will significantly reduce the risk of re-injury.

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As well as assessing and treating a wide range of sporting injuries, we also rehabilitate athletes who have suffered life-changing injuries following serious accidents, such as road traffic collision. We intensively rehabilitate these individuals to help them return to sport.

Due to the experience and quality of our physiotherapists, we have been chosen by Cardiff University to provide physiotherapy for all students on their High-Performance Programme (HPP). The students on the HPP have achieved international honours in a diverse range of sports.

We have also worked with disabled elite disabled athletes, including medalists in Invictus games, Lee Matthews.

Our physiotherapists design bespoke rehabilitation programmes which are emailed to our patients, so they can access videos and illustrations of their exercises on their smart phone when at home or in the gym.

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If you attend one of our clinics with a sports injury you will receive a comprehensive assessment, an appropriate hands-on treatment (which could be a cortisone injection, spinal manipulation, massage, ultrasound, interferential therapy, passive stretching) and you will be guided through a staged home / gym based exercise programme to optimise the rate of your recovery and limit the risk of injuring the same area in the future.

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