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Alter-G "Antigravity" Treadmill Rehabilitation Technology.

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What is an Alter-G "Antigravity" Treadmill?

The Alter-G is a specialist treadmill that encloses the patient's lower body in an "airtight bubble", which allows the patient to walk, jog or run at as low as 20% of their bodyweight. As well as reduced weightbearing, the treadmill also eliminates the risk of falling.

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What is the Alter-G "Antigravity" Treadmill used for?

The Alter-G can be a useful tool in the early stages of rehabilitation of patients following severe lower limb fractures/surgery. The ability to precisely control the percentage of weightbearing allows the patient to exercise without affecting healing or increasing pain.

The Alter-G can also be very effective and safe environment for gait retraining following neurological injuries such as brain injury or partial spinal cord injury.

Alternatives to the Alter-G for early-stage gait and balance retraining are our LiteGait Bodyweight Support System & Treadmill and Hydrotherapy. Our specialist physiotherapists will be happy to discuss which option is most appropriate for you.

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