(Sports) Massage Therapy

What is (Sports) Massage Therapy?

Massage is one of the core skills of a physiotherapist and the most commonly used treatment modality within our clinics. It can be used to relieve pain, reduce muscle spasm, reduce swelling, increase warmth and flexibility, promote relaxation or to stimulate the body and mind ready for action. The effect of the massage will depend on the speed and pressure. Different types of massage are used to treat different conditions.

A moderate pressure "kneading" massage is what most people would refer to as a "massage". This is used to reduce soreness and muscle spasm and promote relaxation.

Deep friction massage is often used to treat chronic tendon or ligament injury. It involves deep rubbing of the injured area. This form massage can be quite uncomfortable, but is very successful at settling persistent tendon or ligament injuries - as the saying goes "no-pain, no-gain".

Trigger point release (TPR) is a deep sustained pressure. This is used to relax "trigger points", which are commonly referred to by patients as "knots" in the muscle. Trigger points are particularly common around the shoulder, neck and hip regions and often respond extremely well to a few session of TPR.


A sports massage tends to be a deeper pressure and the strokes are faster. This has the effect of significantly increasing blood flow and heat of the muscles and stimulating the mind ready for action. It is a technique used within our physiotherapy departments to help with very tight and sore muscles. This technique can be used anywhere in the body from the feet to the neck. Even though the treatment can be a little uncomfortable, you are likely to feel significantly better a couple of days later.

Effleurage massage is the superficial stroking of an area of the body. It is commonly used to reduce swelling.

Our physiotherapists will tailor the type of massage to your needs and your personal preference.

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