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Saebo are a leading provider of therapy products for individuals with neurological conditions/injuries, suffering from mobility and functional impairments.

We use an extensive range of Saebo products in our clinics. Our team of experienced physiotherapists will offer expert advice on whether any of the Saebo products are appropriate for your rehabilitation.

Saebo Rejoyce

We are the only physiotherapy clinic in Wales to have a Saebo Rejoyce. The Saebo ReJoyce is an upper extremity rehabilitation workstation designed for patients with impaired function of the arm and hand. It consists of a handset on the end of an arm which is linked to a computer. The handset consists of 6 different grips which are manipulated to control a wide variety of task-oriented computer games. The difficulty of the games can be adjusted to the appropriate level for the patient and baseline measures and progress can be stored in the patient's electronic profile. We have had excellent feedback from our physiotherapists regarding its effectiveness in improving hand and arm function. Our patients report that the games are a fun and challenging alternative to standard hand therapy. For further information on the Saebo Rejoyce and to view the full range of Saebo products we offer, please visit the Saebo website. Our physiotherapists are able to offer a fitting service for all the splints and orthoses.

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