Body-weight Supported Gait Retraining

We are very proud to be able to offer Body-Weight Support Gait and Balance Retraining at our Specialist Rehabilitation Centre in Cardiff.

The LiteGait is an innovative piece of equipment that provides our patients with the opportunity of progressing from immobility to walking independently. It is an extremely useful rehabilitation tool for patients with a range of injuries and conditions - including stroke, Parkinson's, Multiple Sclerosis, Brain Injury, Spinal Cord Injury, General deconditioning, poor balance, Lower limb amputation and Lower limb fractures.

How does LiteGait work?

The patient fits comfortably into the specialist harness which is attached to the LiteGait frame. The support provided by the LiteGait can gradually be reduced as the patient's strength, balance and co-ordination improves. The LiteGait allows gradual progression from supporting the majority of the patient's bodyweight, to unassisted walking.

How do our physiotherapists use LiteGait?

The LiteGait can be used to support a patient's bodyweight over a treadmill or can be used to improve their walking and balance over ground. The LiteGait allows the patient to move forwards, backwards and side-to-side in a smooth and functional pattern. As well as helping to improve mobility, balance, strength, the LiteGait provides a safe environment which is extremely effective in improving a patient's confidence, which is often as important as the physical aspects of rehabilitation. The LiteGait allows our physiotherapists to observe the walking technique and assist with hands on facilitation whilst eliminating concerns regarding poor balance or the risk of falling.

LiteGait 1
LiteGait 1

The LiteGait can be used in combination with our GaitKeeper Treadmill that has inbuilt forceplate, video camera and gait analysis software (GaitSens 3000), to provide accurate information about every aspect of the patients walking pattern and the amount of assistance required. This allows us to provide comprehensive real-time feedback about the patients gait pattern, via a clear display screen attached to the LiteGait frame. This information can be also be recorded and stored for future comparison. Informative statistical and graphical representation of all aspects of the person's gait can be printed out or emailed to the patient to help monitor the overall improvements in their walking and balance.

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